The Diamond Energy Disk


It is no coincidence

that you are here today...

We are not merely biological machines, but powerful souls' incarnated with a purpose to create our own reality from amongst the illusion of physicality.
We are being physically changed from carbon-based beings to crystalline beings. When carbon crystallises, it becomes a Diamond. Our DNA is changing, our spiritual paths are awakening, and we are increasing our physical vibrational frequency.
At a Quantum level, we are actually made up of particles of light...
Viewing the molecular and cellular structure of the body as complex patterns of light or miniature energy fields we now understand that cells are guided and nurtured by a a number of energy systems, such as the Meridian system, the Chakra system, the Etheric body and the Emotional, Astral and Mental bodies etc.  
We are carbon-based life forms, the Diamond is a purely carbon based crystal (C4). Before the first life was forming in the oceans on Earth, Diamonds were the first crystal. Diamonds are in excess of 3.3 billion years old. When a Diamond crystal resonates, it induces energy into the carbon atoms of living cells that are in close proximity.
I have been guided to use specific sacred geometry, metals and rough diamond crystals to release the energy of the Diamond, and I now invite you to discover this energy for yourself.
You see, when you combine the metals, Sacred Geometry and rough Diamond Crystals, something profound happens... The energy is palpable, and I have discovered the Diamond Disks act as an amplifier for your intent.
Whether the Intent is for healing, manifestation, contacting your Higher Self, whatever you hold intent for, this is amplified by Source Energy that is so strong, yet gentle and loving, you would have to experience it to believe it. (for more information on Intent, go to the Intent page button above)

The experience when usingis profound.
The energy is unmistakable from Source, powerful yet gentle and very loving. Most people reach an incredibly deep meditative level after just one or two meditation sessions.
Diamond Energy dramatically amplifies and channels 'Source' energy which is unmistakable when you experience it.
From my research, the Diamond has long been held to contain specific energies which encompass all other crystal energies, as the diamond amplifies the energy of every other crystal.
The sacred geometry on each disk is that of the Merkaba. An ancient Egyptian symbol meaning Mer (counter-rotating) Ka (fields of Light/energy) Ba (surrounding the body).
An example of a Merkaba is on the 'Healing' page. More information on the Merkaba written by by Drunvalo Melchizedek is available by clicking the Welcome button above then, follow the drop down menu for information.
Diamond Energy instils trust in relationships and life situations and brings confidence to your emotions and intelligence it also inspires; creativity, imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness, and brilliance in the world of the "new" it also inspires the forces of accumulation helping you to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.  Diamond Energy brings clarity to your soul quest.
For those that need to complete something in their lives or are needing to start over in some way, Diamond Energy can be invaluable to help ensure a successful outcome for new ventures.
 It is excellent for pursuing dreams that seem to be impossible to attain as well as giving one the courage and strength when "under fire" to stand tall in one's own truth.  Diamond Energy helps you to follow through; to heed the quest call of ones own Soul, to have the courage to venture further beyond the boundaries into the great unknown. It reminds you of your goals towards spiritual awareness and as the growth achieved becomes manifest within the heart of the owner, you then are able to transfer this to others. From my soul to yours, I send you love and honour. I hope you enjoy my site, and if you're ready to use Diamond Energy, all will be revealed.

SACRED GEOMETRY This Star Tetrahedron shape is known as the Merkaba. In the eighteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt, it meant MER (rotating fields of light), KA (spirit), and BA (soul). The Merkaba activates the protective love of the universe and awakens, heals, and transforms on the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional levels.
Diamond Energy vibrates to Master Number 33 which, when added equals six, (Points within the star) Each disk is manufactured from copper, then plated in 22k Gold. Each Diamond Energetics Disk contains a single, rough diamond crystal, approx 1/2 of a carat.

Each disk is 50mm (2inches in diameter). All materials and the designs I have used are energetically synchronistic within the spiritual purpose of the Diamond Energetics Disk.

The Spiritual characteristics of Gold center around its ability to amplify energy. Gold is ruled by the Sun expressing its projective qualities on other minerals and crystals, all of whose power increases when set in Gold. 

The Diamond Energetics Disk design is Copyright 2009